Metal forming takes talent combined with precision to create an accurate part.forming1 Tower Metal Works Inc. applies a great deal of focus to this; we understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to the final part. Our clients have various tolerance requirements for each and every part they order, so our team is hard wired to maintain those tolerances even if it means cutting a new part to get it right.

Tower Metal Works has a total of 4 press breaks (cnc forming machines) that allow us to meet fast turnaround times that our customers expect. This equipment is maintained by the same people that make the equipment so that keeps accuracy first and foremost.

Thanks to our vast collection of tooling for forming there is not much we can’t do. The benefit of an incredibly low turnover rate at TMW compared to most companies your parts are being formed by a team of individuals with a collective experience of almost 75 years, so without saying… this is a group of individuals that knows what they’re doing.

Let Tower Metal Works Inc. be your choice when it comes to your metal fabrication needs and let us show you what we’ve been talking about all along.

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