As steel cutting technology goes, the CNC Laser is the top of the line. A Lasers wattage determines the thickness of material it can cut, for instance our Lasers run at 4000 Watts and have the ability to cut up to 3/4" mild steel, now this can vary based on the type of steel but let’s use common mild steel as an example. A Laser cut part can be produced with a tolerance of +/- .005 (almost as fine as the human hair) and the Laser has very few limitations relational to shapes, patterns, etc. If quality is what you are after then the Laser is your best option.

As expected the demand for Laser cut parts is on the increase thanks to its versatility and reputation. To keep up with the demand, Tower Metal Works has invested in three Lasers over the years and are on the verge of adding more. The talented staff that programs and runs these machines take their jobs very serious and are just as concerned about quality and accuracy as you would be.

At the Laser our material limitations go as follows:

  • Mild Steel   3/4" Plate to 26 GA
  • Stainless   3/8” Plate to 26 GA
  • Aluminum   .250 Plate to .030

We can cut other materials at the Laser but they are reviewed on job by job bases. What it comes down to is some materials simply can’t be cut with a Laser or need a different procedure used to protect the material.

Etching! Yes, the Laser can etch parts as well. To define etching, several of our clients require part numbers, serial numbers, names, and logos the list goes on and on. The customer is able to provide us with a font type, size, and location and we will take care of the rest.

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