In the business of metal fabrication we have to be extremely flexible to meet the shipping needs of our clients. Our company is able to meet any need, should it be the grade of pallets we use to the method or quantity in which we package our product. The methods in which we package insure safe shipping in most conditions, nobody likes damaged products and we do anything we can to insure that it’s protected during shipment.

On occasion clients will require international shipping, they will want heat treated pallets to comply with the rules put in place by the IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) in 2002. Certain clients provide their own crates, pallets, boxes and so on; this is just a small example of what Tower Metals does to assist our customers with their shipping needs.

Tower Metal Works will be happy to work directly with other shipping firms to get you your product shipped on time and safely to your facility. When needed we will use our own trucks to deliver your product to insure safe handling of your cargo. You will find our drivers are courteous and helpful every time, that’s just a small part of what sets us apart from our competitors.

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